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Home Garden Use Plant Nutrition Fertilizer

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

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Soimax Type 17 Manufacture Granular Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer+NPK Fertilizer
Agricultural Grade
Insoluble/Soluble Type
Mineral Humic Acid (dry base)
55% 60% 65% 70% 75% etc.
Organic Matter
60% 65% 70% 75% 80% etc


1. Improve crop quality and increase plant protein;

2. Clean, pollution-free and help improve the ecological environment.

3. Enhance metabolic function and adversity ability.


Directions for use: 3-5kg/mu for soil improvement

Package:Powder: 1kg to 25kg per paper bag with PE liner or bulk bag. Liquid: 1L to 200L per barrel. Can do per customer demands.

Stock: The products innocuous and unpoisonous, please store at cool dry place.

Shelf life: 24 month

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