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Nature Organic Fertilizer Leonardite Potassium Humate Humic Acid Fertilizer

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Specification Standard
Name Boron Humate
Appearance Black granule
Humic Acid (dry basis) 40% min
Moisture 15% max
Boron (B2O3 dry basis) 12% min
PH 7-8
Water Solubility 100%

Method of Application:

1). Foliar spraying: In the flowering period of fruit trees, the product can be diluted 1000 times (add water). 600-800dilute of the product (add water) should be used for spraying in the bud differentiation and fruit enlargement period each once after the flowering period 7-10 days until the leaves surfaces are full of fog drops.

2). Smearing: 10-12 times dilution of the product (add water) can be well smeared on the limbs and body. Scrape off the disease organizations, smeared and tie up when necessary.

3). The ceitocybe bescens and other diseases can be significantly prevented and controlled with 1000-1200 times dilution(add water) of this product irrigating the roots.


Delivery time : 15days more or less after the order confirmed.
Packing: 25kgs/bag, 50kgs/bag, PP woven bag with inner layer of PE polybag. Or 1.25 / 1.35 tons PP woven bag. Or at customer's request.

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