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Hot Sell Soil Conditioner Bio Fertilizer Pure Organic Manure

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Appearance: Dark brown/Black granular

Organic Matter: 45% min

Organic NPK: 6% min

Trace Elements: 2% min

Fiber: 5% min

Bio HA & Bio FA: 20% min

Beneficial Bacteria: 0.1 billion/gram


  1 Promote radication and root growth.
  2 Effectively provide lodging resistance disease resistance and drought resistance.
  3 Raising output and improving quality.
  4 Increase the soil fertility,reduce the nutrient lossand.(Increase utilization rate over 10%)
  5 Bacteria form spores in a dormant state, convenient for transport and store.
  6 Can use together with all kinds other fertilizers.


1.This product produced by microorganism complex microbial fermentation. It contains high level of animal and plant proteins. Please finish using at once after diluted.
2.Can be used in conjunction with other pesticides; avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides.
3.Do not use concentrated undiluted liquid only.
4.Do not use it under strong sunlight and heavy rain.
5.It's a normal phenomenon if there is concave situation found on the surface of bottle. 

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