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Vegetable Based Amno Acids Free From Chloride Organic Fertilizer

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Humic Acid


Fulvic Acid









Crystal powder, flake, or crystalline granule

Powder:  Fertilizers: 1% fulvic powder in blend.

                Foliar: 100 - 300g per 100 liters of water.

                Herbicides/Pesticides: 20 - 50g per liter. Seed treatment: 0.5 kg per ton of seed.

Liquid:  For Foliar: 5000 times dilution for spray or drip irrigation, applied alone or together with other trace elements.         

              For soil: 1000 times dilution for spray or drip irrigation, applied alone or together 

              with other trace elements.

Use Method:

Vegetables: use once every 10-15 days for picking, 300kg/ ha each time
Fruit trees: 300kg/ ha before bud differentiation; Fruit expansion period 450-750kg/ ha

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